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Tokenomics Development

When it comes down to numbers, mistakes are not allowed.

Let us take care of it. We will shape your custom tokenomics based ​on your needs and your business modal.

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Have you ever wished you could talk face-to-face with an expert ​before investing in a project or buying crypto?

Now you can! Schedule a call with one of our experts.

Project Analysis Report

Get to know your project or your investment opportunity from th​e outside with an in-depth analysis performed by one of our reliabl​e researchers in the Web3 space​.

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Our Services

Our network consists of experienced builders like content cre​ators, social media managers, graphic designers, developers, gam​ers/beta-testers, web3 lawyers, and more.

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Less Than Symbol

In the Web3 space, it is hard to find reliable builders who are ​prepared and willing to work to create a unique product because ​many of them require a payment that may seem exaggerated, while ​others are not professionals.

95% of blockchain-based projects do not reach their first year of life ​because they turn out to be rug pulls with bad products, an ​inexperienced team not able to develop the project and manage the ​community, and a lack of a marketing plan.

Market problem

We specialize in researching and developing Web3 projects, ​providing the necessary services and a large network of DevOps, ​product managers, and developers to build a product ready to go on ​the market.

MHL Solutions will help you avoid projects that are more likely not ​to return the investment; manage your project and community ​before and after fundraising; and help you build your go-to-market ​strategy with one of our marketing gurus.

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"Whatever good things we build ​end up building us."

- Jim Rohn

MHL Solutions works with project founders and investors on a ​short- and long-term basis, providing advice, information, insight, ​and guidance to help them reach their goals and solve problems.

Our company is founded and managed by Mark Mhilli [aka mhl.eth], ​a blockchain investor and advisor specializing in tokenomics ​development, market behavior analysis, risk management, research, ​and ecosystem development of Web3 protocols.

about us

MHL Solutions is preparing for the mass adoption of the Web3 ​providing consulting services to newcomers preserving its quality ​and integrity.

We aim to expand our team and partners, and therefore also our ​services, to scale our business model to a larger audience.

We believe in a world in search of information and knowledge so ​that you can choose which solution is best for you.

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Business People Discussing about the Company's Finances

MHL Solutions has ongoing partnerships with top-tier researchers, ​builders, and developers in the Web3 space in order to expand and ​optimize our services.


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