Building custom token economies!

Token economies are complex systems that require careful planning and execution. At MHL Solutions, we specialize in developing and translating token economics into stable, reliable metrics.
We understand the importance of reducing early selling pressure to ensure better price action for your project’s tokens. That’s why we tailor a variety of crucial factors, including total supply, token allocation, token distribution mechanisms, and vesting schedules, based on extensive research and analysis while keeping each client’s unique needs at heart.

Our mission is to create customized tokenomics models that align with your project requirements, such as utility value offered by the platform or product being built; market sentiment, which includes current demand trends plus competition analysis; target audience profiling, who will be using/buying this particular asset class (i.e., investors and traders); and marketing strategy, where promotional activities need to complement market potential instead of working against it.
By utilizing this comprehensive methodology designed around your specific goals, you can be certain of maximizing returns, which ultimately translates to long-term success!

Tokenomics, short for "Token Economics". It is the set of elements that give value to a crypto or token and from which investors obtain information.
Token allocation: the quantity (%) of tokens allocated for the investors, team, reward, development, etc.
Token distribution: the method by which the token is distributed in the market (fair launch, token sale, airdrop, staking, and/or vesting schedules).
Token emission: tokens minted through smart contracts (tokens/block).
Vesting period: is a lockup mechanism used to reduce the selling pressure in the early stages and prevent large quantities of tokens from being sold.

MHL Solutions will serve as an official advisor to your project, team, or persona, depending on the entity that signs the agreement. 
Tokenomics audit, full/one-time consulting, in-depth project analysis, custom investment plan, and secondary services are not included in this service.

Why hire a tokenomics developer?

Hiring a tokenomics developer can provide several key benefits. A tokenomics developer:

  • Possesses expertise in designing and implementing the economics and incentives behind a token or cryptocurrency. They can help create a well-defined token model that aligns with the project’s goals and ensures the token’s long-term viability.
  • Can assist in establishing a fair and balanced distribution mechanism for the token. They can design mechanisms such as token sales, airdrops, or staking programs that promote widespread ownership and participation.
  • Can help ensure the token’s stability and value over time. They can implement mechanisms to manage supply and demand dynamics, address inflation or deflation concerns, and establish mechanisms for price discovery and liquidity.
  • Can provide insights and guidance on regulatory compliance and legal considerations related to token issuance and usage, helping the project navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

Overall, hiring a tokenomics developer can enhance the success and sustainability of a token-based project by leveraging their expertise in designing and managing the token’s economic framework.

Services provided during tokenomics development

Research Phase

  • We’ll begin by thoroughly reviewing any provided documentation, such as pitch decks and social media activity, to gain a better understanding of the project.
  • Comprehensive analysis to learn about the client’s business objectives, taking into account industry trends, competitor strategies, etc., in order to provide tailored solutions that meet or exceed expectations.

Development Phase

1. Token Economy
    • If the token does not have any utility and/or use case, we will assist the team in the development of a sustainable token economy.
    • If the token does have any utility and/or use case, we will conduct an audit to highlight the strengths and identify any weaknesses.
2. Token Metrics
    • A pre-token metrics will be designed based on the information collected during the market research.
    • We will start the metrics development with the token emission and distribution mechanism.
    • Moving forward with the vesting schedule (token unlocked at TGE, Cliff, and vesting period).
    • Last, we will determine the token allocations and the total supply.
3. Testing Phase
    • Once the token metrics are developed, we will run some tests to predict selling pressure and staking/farming APRs to ensure price stability and incentivize the reward system.

Brainstorming Phase

  • During this last phase, we will take our time to perform small changes (if needed) and review the tokenomics.
  • If we are satisfied with the final result, we proceed with delivery; if not, we go back to the research phase.

Delivery Phase

  • We will write down a document in which we will explain every decision taken and their motivation during the development of tokenomics. Also, we will add instructions on how to manage the token supply and the structure of the smart contracts.
  • Post-delivery, we will assist the client in negotiations with venture capital and the marketing approach.

Deployment Phase

  • We are proud partners of 5 smart contract development and auditing agency with a large experience in developing and deploying ERC-20 tokens. With our support, you can rest assured that your smart contracts will meet industry standards and best practices, providing a solid foundation for your token ecosystem.

Latest Tokenomics Developed

Why hire us?

We are committed to developing token economies that incentivize positive behaviors and promote product and community growth. We believe that no two projects are identical, and thus, their tokenomics should not be identical either. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Our custom tokenomics are the fruits of our experience and hard work in delivering unique token metrics.

Numbers must make sense! We will translate the token economy into token metrics, ensuring that these metrics align with the utility and use case of the token. We will utilize personal metrics that we’ve developed over the past years, leveraging our experience as investors first and tokenomics developers second.

We understand that the blockchain industry is constantly evolving, and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Educating ourselves on new trends and technologies and sharing this knowledge with our clients and partners can ensure that our cutting-edge tokenomics are developed for long-term success in an ever-changing market.

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