Tokenomics Development

We take care of developing stable and reliable token metrics and token economies, reducing selling pressure in the early stages, and enjoying better price action.

Tokenomics Audit

We break down tokenomics to identify potential weaknesses and highlight strengths, ensuring that the clietns are prepared for any unexpected developments.

Full-time Consulting

During this period of time, we will offer advice, guidance, and access to our network, working more closely with clients and team members as an official advisor.

One-time Consulting

During these hourly sessions, our consultants will provide guidance on investment strategies and how to effectively manage a blockchain-based project.

In-depth Project Analysis

After doing our own research, a document will be written in which pros and cons will be reported, as well as potential risks, allowing the team to improve their product.

Custom Investment Plan

We develop custom investment plans based on the client’s needs and finances to improve their investor mindset, maximize returns, and reduce risks.

Secondary Services

We collaborate with Web3 companies to provide high-quality services. Our partnership puts us at the forefront of an industry poised for explosive growth.

Free Reports

Stay informed with our reliable reports that bridge theory and practice. Empower your decisions with industry trends, market analysis, and project evaluations.

Service Policy & Disclaimer

1. Payment timelines will be agreed upon in the contract, preferably in ETHUSDC, and USDT (ERC20).
2. If the client changes the terms after the agreement has been signed, delivery times and prices might change as well.
3. If the agreed-upon delivery times aren’t met, no further payment will be required by the clients.
4. Following the performance, we allot time to the client for any necessary revisions without incurring any extra charges.
5. A discount will be applied to Neo Tokyo Citizens only for in-house services.

Disclaimer: Any information obtained during the execution of these services will be kept confidential (under an NDA) between the client, the service provider, and any third parties involved in the agreement (strategic partners). MHL Solutions will take credit for the service provided, and it will be used as an example in our resume only with the client’s approval or when the client publicly shares the performance. Past performance should not be considered an indication of future performance.