L2 scaling solutions

Arbitrum is an EVM-compatible Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that makes transactions cheaper while preserving Ethereum’s security and decentralization. 
Read more about Arbitrum’s tokenomics on the Tokenomics Analysis Page.

EVM-compatibility refers to the capability of creating and releasing smart contract code that is recognizable by Ethereum nodes as it adheres to the standards of the Ethereum virtual machine.

Website: arbitrum.io
Twitter: @arbitrum
Arbitrum Bridge
Documentation: GitHub
Community: discord.gg/arbitrum 

In 2021, Ethereum’s L1 processed over 1.2 million transactions per day (15 transactions per second). Even if this data might look high, it is still not enough to reach a larger audience, and during the Otherdeed Land Sale, gas fees reached 8000 GWEI (+2 ETH for gas fees); not very scalable, I guess.

This is where L2s offer a scalable solution, preserving the decentralization and security of Ethereum while scaling the chain fees (10-100x cheaper).

What are Ethereum Layer 2s? L2s handles Ethereum L1 transactions on a separate blockchain with the purpose of “extending” Ethereum L1 while preserving security and decentralization. But how? L2s execute transactions outside of the Ethereum network; once the transactions are performed, they send back a compressed (lighter) form of the transaction (a batch of transactions) to the Ethereum network.

One more thing, there are two types of L2s:
1. Optimistic Rollups (Arbitrum, Optimism, and more)
2. Zk-Rollups (zk-Sync, and more)

Why is Arbitrum a better solution?

Optimism and Arbitrum are both Optimistic Rollup solutions for Ethereum, but they use different approaches for detecting fraud. Optimism uses a single-round fraud-proof, which is faster but more expensive because it requires L1 execution. In contrast, Arbitrum uses a multi-round fraud-proof system that focuses on specific points of disagreement, resulting in higher network performance and not being limited by L1 gas fees.

Arbitrum owns more than 50% of the L2s market share and has more than $3 billion in TVL, making it the favorite L2s in the market also because Arbitrum runs its own Arbitrum Virtual Machine (AVM), which supports any version of Solidity and any other languages that are EVM-compatible (Vyper, YUL, etc.) and is the most popular L2s; on the other hand, Optimism requires a special Solidity compiler to generate OVM Bytescode, which works only with particular versions of Solidity.

Arbitrum is also a great support for developers and projects looking to develop on top of L2s; as a matter of fact, Reddit uses Arbitrum to scale its Ethereum-based Community Point System; ChainLink and Uniswap V3 are also supporting Arbitrum.

Conclusion ~ Long-term destiny of L2s

Numbers do not lie. Arbitrum is the most popular L2 in the market because it offers a better scalability solution. The question remains: Will they be suppressed by Ethereum’s plans to scale the blockchain? Well, at the moment, L2s are the best solution on the market, and we all know it because we all spent tons of dollars on gas fees in the last bull market.

Mark ~ Mar 17, 2023

Nothing in this report/analysis constitutes professional and/or financial advice. The shared content is for educational and informational purposes only. Do your own research before investing.

Naffles ~ NFT Raffles Marketplace

Naffles is a P2P NFT raffle marketplace on Ethereum. Sellers can create raffles to sell their NFTs, and buyers can win blue-chip NFTs for a fraction of their floor price. 
There are many people building bots to snipe cheap NFT sales on secondary marketplaces and sell them for a higher price, but this is very expensive in gas fees, and you may fail badly. Now you can use Naffles to win your life-changing NFT for even less than 1% of its FP, and if you think this is cool, you should know that Naffles allows sellers to sell their NFTs for the price they wish, no matter what the floor price is. It’s a win-win for both sides!

Website: naffles.com
Twitter: @Nafflesofficial
Documentation: Litpaper
Neo Tokyo News Articles
Mint Website: mint.naffles.com
Community: discord.gg/naffles

Lead Partners:
ZkSync and Chainlink.

Web3-based project Collabs:
Ape List, Neo Tokyo, Kaiju Kingz, Doodles Alpha, Conium, Metaverse HQ, Steady Stack, This Thing of Ours and Non-Fungible Arcade, Llamaverse plus many others.

Sell NFTs with Raffles

So, how does Naffles work? It is very simple; sellers can create an NFT raffle on the Naffles platform by just listing their NFTs and deciding on the ticket price (ex: 0.1 ETH) and the number of tickets (ex: 100 tickets). Anyone can buy tickets and win an NFT worth 10 ETH for just 0.1 ETH. Once the raffle sells out or the seller decides to close the raffle, a random winner will be selected from the participants. Now the winner can either sell that NFT for profit or hold it and enjoy the utility! Easy, isn’t it?

Is there a fee for creating raffles? No, but a 5% fee is only charged once the raffle is successfully completed and sent to the Naffles Treasury to keep improving the ecosystem.
How is the winner drawn? Naffles uses Chainlink VRF for fully transparent on-chain winner selection.
More about Chainlink VRF here: docs.chain.link

Naffles is about to launch the mint of their Omnipotent Founders Keys on January 18th. The NFT collection is limited to 350 pieces, of which 50 will be held by the Treasury for giveaways and marketing purposes.

What are the benefits of the Omni Key?
1. Early access to the platform (only Omni holders will be able to list NFTs during beta access).
2. Max platform fee discount and reward pool.
3. Max future allocation and free raffle entry.
4.Access to a private Discord channel, and more.


The mint funds will be used for smart contract audits, gaming licenses, business registration, marketing, and giveaways. Selling NFTs has never been so easy, and Shamsi explains it very well in this YouTube video.
The Naffles ecosystem makes everyone happy, flippers and holders alike.

Mark ~ Jan 17, 2023

Nothing in this report/analysis constitutes professional and/or financial advice. The shared content is for educational and informational purposes only. Do your own research before investing.

Become a Sovereign Individual

Foundation Services was founded in April 2020 with the goal of creating products that allow anyone to easily access and use Bitcoin and other decentralized technologies, empowering individuals to take control of their digital lives.

Website: foundationdevices.com

Foundation Services designs and manufactures Bitcoin-centric tools that empower you to reclaim your sovereignty. They aim to build a different kind of hardware company that values open source and domestic production, starting with Passport and Envoy. These products are fully open source, with all software, electrical, and mechanical components available for review. There are no secret codes or restricted data.

Envoy’s wallet lets you securely send and receive Bitcoin using your Passport to store your private keys. It automatically connects to the Tor network, but you can also use your own node. Simply pair the user-friendly app with your Passport, set a PIN, and make a backup. Envoy also offers in-app support and the option to speed up transactions by setting a higher fee. This software is open source and licensed under the GPLv3.

The perfect companion app for your Passport. Secure setup, firmware updates, and a Zen-like Bitcoin wallet. Quoting the website: “Envoy may be the simplest Bitcoin software wallet on the market.” The app is available in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

The Passport Batch 2 is a hardware wallet that prioritizes your security and is available for purchase on their website for $259.00. It utilizes a camera and QR codes for communication and does not have any USB or wireless capabilities, making it highly secure. The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 1200 mAh and can be replaced easily. The USB-C port is only for charging and does not transmit data.

Passport Batch 2 is the next-generation hardware wallet assembled in the United States, featuring air-gapped security, completely open source, a 1200 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, and a digital camera to scan QR codes.

Passport is made with high-quality materials, including a durable glass display, a magnetic rear cover, a copper-plated zinc alloy frame, and a bright display that makes scanning QR codes simple. It is compatible with various software wallets, including Bitcoin Core, BlueWallet, BTCPay, Electrum, and others.

ZACH HERBERT ~ Co-founder & CEO
KEN CARPENTER ~ Co-founder & CTO
Click here to see the full team and their investors.


In December, Foundation Services raised $7 million from seed investors led by Polychain Capital. The hardware and the app design have improved over time, but will this make Foundation Services a leader in the crypto security industry? Very hard to say considering its competitors. Still, having different options is not a bad idea; asset diversification across different cold wallets must be a priority. Also, isn’t the Nokia design lovely?

Mark ~ Dec 27, 2022

Nothing in this report/analysis constitutes professional and/or financial advice. The shared content is for educational and informational purposes only. Do your own research before investing.

SuperVerse DAO

SuperFarm protocol has evolved in the SuperVerse DAO, home to Impostors and GigaMart, and is governed by the SUPER token.

SuperVerse is focused on crypto-gaming and NFTs. The SuperVerse goal is to onboard Web2 users through immersive blockchain gaming experiences and empower crypto natives with next-generation NFT functionality by delivering quality products within the SuperVerse ecosystem.

Website: superverse.cool

Read more about SuperVerse tokenomics on the Tokenomics Analysis Page

SuperVerse DAO Governance

The SuperVerse DAO will manage the Treasury, involving the community in the development of the ecosystem.

The SuperVerse DAO Treasury will consist of fees collected from:

  • Royalties on secondary sales of Impostors’ NFTs
  • Additional fee-generating mechanisms will be provided by smart contracts throughout the Impostors’ metaverse.
  • Platform fees from GigaMart marketplace sales

$SUPER is an ERC20 token that will be used in the ecosystem as a governance token, and $SUPER stakers will participate in creating and voting on improvement proposals (hosted on snapshot.org).
By staking at least 15,000 $SUPER within the designated DAO pools, it will grant you membership in the DAO (one staked $SUPER = one vote).

Once staking is available, the Treasury will have the task of distributing rewards to DAO members who are actively staking in the DAO pools.
The smart contract will distribute rewards fairly among the members with the below allocation:

  • 20% Ongoing Development and Maintenance
  • 80% Community Rewards

If you want to learn more about how the proposal and voting process work, I invite you to read the documentation at the link shared above.

A user-friendly NFT marketplace designed for NTF traders to improve their experience with advanced and customizable analytics tools such as real-time chat, project updates within the marketplace, marketplace aggregation to optimize cross-searching, a notification system, and customizable dashboards.

Impostors is a social-gaming metaverse on a mission to provide creators with robust tools to build and monetize original content within the Impostors Metaverse and provide players with enjoyable social gaming environments that include earning opportunities.


It seems like the SuperVerse team has a clear plan now that they have rebranded the product. The ecosystem structure is straightforward, so onboarding Web2 gamers and consumers would be much easier. Even though the name suggests a connection with the metaverse, the team is focused on gaming, with the main purpose of improving the gaming experience. Because at the end of the day, what interests you the most is having fun!

Mark ~ Dec 5, 2022

Nothing in this report/analysis constitutes professional and/or financial advice. The shared content is for educational and informational purposes only. Do your own research before investing.