Mark Mhilli (aka mhl.eth)

Founder & Director of MHL Solutions

LinkedIn: @mhl-eth
Twitter: @mhl_eth

Skills & Expertise
Mark is an accomplished blockchain advisor with over seven years of experience in the crypto industry, fully committed to and invested in cryptocurrency. Throughout his career, he has developed a unique skill set that bolsters his investor mindset, encompassing tokenomics development, comprehensive project analysis, market behavior analysis, risk management, and product development.

etter from Mark.
Dear Crypto Enthusiasts,
Allow me to introduce myself and tell you about my crypto journey.
Long story short, I sold a golden necklace to a friend in 2015, and I was paid in Bitcoins (~ 5 BTC). At that time, cryptocurrencies were still in their early stages, and there was much skepticism surrounding their use cases. However, as I delved deeper into this emerging field, it became apparent that blockchain technology had far-reaching implications beyond just digital currencies.

I’m the kind of dude who’s always spreading the word of decentralization, never missing a chance to open conversations about blockchain at the bar.
This is how I started my crypto journey. Since then, I’ve made a living off crypto, 100% invested.

Introduction to the business world

I was raised from an early age with an entrepreneurial mindset. I learned how to save money, invest it, and manage my finances in order to achieve my goals. During my adolescence, I spent a large part of my time learning from my uncles how to run a business (in various sectors such as restaurants and bars, hotels, dealerships, gardening, and construction) and how to create a professional workplace with clients and employees.
Yes, I dare say that I was taught how to run a bar first and then how to pick up a girl in the bar.

In my middle school years, I was mainly interested in geometry, mathematics, and science, and in particular astronomy, so I decided to continue my studies towards mechanics and then aerospace engineering with the dream of going to space. But things took a different turn when I was 17, and I was introduced to blockchain and Bitcoin. Therefore, I finished high school, qualifying as a car mechanic, but did not continue my university studies because I was already in crypto up to my neck. But my dream always remains the same; it is the journey that has changed.

What I offer to my clients and partners:

  1. Time. The most valuable resource. Being self-sustainable and independent allows me to stay active all day long, networking with people as well as contributing to improving and expanding the community and the product.
  2. Analytical skills. Having served in this space for nearly a decade has helped me a lot to build an investor mindset. My areas of expertise include tokenomics (metrics development), microeconomic development, and fundamental and technical analysis.
  3. Risk management. As a long-term investor, I learned how to diversify my portfolio, thereby limiting my losses and maximizing my profits. The risk-reward ratio plays a very strategic role when it comes to investing.
  4. Effective communication skills for providing input and sharing improvement proposals and feedback. Being an advisor, I am always in contact with investors and founders; listening to their needs and providing solutions to their issues is a big part of my onboarding strategy.
  5. Project Manager. As an advisor and investor, I gained skills and knowledge ranging from project development to management from the ground up.

If any of this resonates with you, I would love to hear from you. I am always looking to connect with like-minded individuals who share my passion for crypto, decentralization, and entrepreneurship. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time, and let’s see where our shared interests can take us.

My best regards,
Mark Mhilli.